Compressor station 1 at the Croatian gas transmission system

Year registered: 2018
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* not part of the 3Seas Initiative
Main objectives:
  • The construction of the „Compressor station 1“ at the Croatian gas transmission system, together with the implementation of the phase I and the construction of the conndecting gas pipeline Omišalj-Zlobin will provide the transport of gas in the direction of Hungary by the existing 75-bar system with an annual capacity of 1,7 bcma

The project has been completed and put into operation by the end of 2019.

Short description:

Maximum capacity 201,000 m3/h, Power 4,2 MW, 2 operating and 1 stand-by compressor unit.

Compressor stations will significantly increase the efficiency of the Croatian gas transmission system. Compressor stations are an integral part of the transmission system, integrated in a way that increases the flexibility in managing the existing transmission capacities of the system and provides rational increase of transmission capacities according to user needs, which are the requirements of the market, as well as satisfy market conditions arising from the application of new legal regulation.

Calendar of implementation:
  • ...-2019

    The project has been completed and put into operation by the end of 2019.


Total cost: 25 mil EUR. 100% own sources.

Financing sources:
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