Construction of a coastal LNG terminal

Year registered: 2020
3SI countries proposing the project:


Participating 3SI countries:

Partner countries:

* not part of the 3Seas Initiative
Main objectives:
  • The goal of the project is to construct liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal at Skulte with a direct pipeline connection to the Incukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility.
  • The implementation of the project will concurrently achieve a number of objectives: improve the energy independence of the Baltic region; will ensure gas supply diversification and flexibility; increase the integration of the Baltic gas market and direct connection to the European hubs.
Short description:

Skulte LNG terminal: construction of a coastal LNG terminal – The floating regasification unit will be located in Skulte Port 2.5 km from the shore, connected by a 34 km gas pipeline to the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility. LNG storage infrastructure is not necessary for the Skulte project, instead a direct pipeline connection to the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility will be built and the existing Baltic gas transmission and supply system will be used with the Inčukalns underground storage facility as the central feature.

Calendar of implementation:
To be determined
    Financing sources:

    The total cost of the project is EUR 120 million, while funding to be attracted by Amber Infrastructure is estimated at over EUR 50 million.