FAIRway Danube

Year registered: 2018
3SI countries proposing the project:


Participating 3SI countries:

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

Partner countries:

* not part of the 3Seas Initiative
Main objectives:
  • The FAIRWAY Project has as general objective: the elaboration of coordinated action plans for the implementation of the Master Plan for the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance on the Danube River and its navigable tributaries, developed within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The project aims to contribute to an increased safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of inland navigation.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Elaboration of coordinated actions at national level for the implementation of the Master Plan for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the Danube Channel;
  • Acquisition of the necessary equipment to carry out pilot activities for the provision of hydrological services in the 5 partner countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia);
  • Facilitating the identification of innovative methods for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the waterway;
  • Preparation of documentation for the execution of selected future measures supporting the implementation of the Master Plan for Danube Rehabilitation and Maintenance.
Short description:

In Romania, the project aims to develop and acquire databases for information obtained from hydrology, hydrography, signaling, electronic mapping; computing systems and dissemination of water level forecasts; innovative technologies by monitoring the signaling scheme using AtoNs equipment, the use of autonomous land, air and water systems as a support for current administration activities; procedures and systems for identifying and monitoring factors influencing airworthiness on the Romanian Danube sector. Within the project, AFDJ Galati will acquire two new ships that will be used for measuring and signaling activities.

Calendar of implementation:
  • 2015 - 2021

    AFDJ purchased marking vessel in 2019 and survey vessel in 2018, which are used for regular surveys. The data obtained is published on regular basis on FIS Portal (www.danubeportal.com).

    The works for repairing the mooring pontoon were finalized and is in operation in Bechet Port.

    Between January - June 2020 were carried out dydrographic surveys and marking campaigns on the sections subject to the project (Calarasi - Cernavoda, Corabia - Bechet, Giurgiu - Timok).

    The next stages are related to the development of a national platform WAMS for assessment system and management of the waterway and rehabilitation of 4 hydrometric stations and installing 6 hydrometric stations.


The total amount of the project is 21721347 Euro out of which 8704098 mil. Euro is allocated for the Romanian administrations, AFDJ and ACN. The project is financed through Connecting Europe Facility.

Financing sources:
National funding