Rail Baltica

Submitted by Poland

Year registered: 2018
Status:Activity Reported
3SI countries proposing the project:

Lithuania, Poland, Estonia

Participating 3SI countries:

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia

Partner countries:


* not part of the 3Seas Initiative
Main objectives:

Rail Baltica infrastructure is essential for the connection of the Baltic States to their neighbours and the rest of the EU's internal market, as foreseen in the TEN-T and CEF Regulations.

Short description:

Baltic States, as a part of former Soviet Union, were linked by the broad gauge railway, not compatible with the rest of the EU. Rail Baltica means 840 km of new railway infrastructure in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and 370 km of modernized infrastructure in Poland. Ultimately, the Polish section of Rail Baltica is planned and realized as double-track electrified railway main line with maximum permissible speed of not less than 200 km/h for passenger trains and 120 km/h for freight trains. Planned speed of border section of the Rail Baltica will be designed as compatible with the standards of the line, planned and implemented by the Lithuanian side

Contact person:

Mr. Kamil Matuszak Project Director, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, e-mail: kamil.matuszak@plk-sa.pl .

Calendar of implementation:
  • 2012-2017

    In Poland, the Rail Baltica railway route has been divided into 5 implementation sections:

    Warsaw - Sadowne (66,5 km), implementation years: 2012-2017, project completed in terms of essential construction works

  • 2016-2023

    Sadowne - Czyżew (35.5 km) preparation of documentation and implementation of works planned for the years: 2016-2022– (2023 - ETCS)

  • 2020-2023

    Czyżew - Białystok (71.3 km), implementation of works planned for the years: 2020 - 2023, planned date of achieving the target speed by 2024 (after installation of the ETCS system);

  • 2021-2025

    Białystok - Ełk (100 km), the implementation of construction works is planned for the years: 2023 - 2027; then the ETCS system will be built. Planned date of achieving the target speed by 2027 (after installation of the ETCS system). Ełk station construction works in the years: 2021-2023.

  • 2023-2027

    Ełk - Trakiszki (state border, 100 km), construction works planned for the years: 2024 - 2027; planned date of achieving the target speed by 2027 (after installation of the ETCS system).


Approximately EUR 1.76-1.94 bn in Poland.

At least EUR 3 bn of construction costs in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Financing sources:
National funding

Poland: CEF ( 85% EU funds + 15% domestic funds)