ROHU – Second Phase

Year registered: 2020
3SI countries proposing the project:


Participating 3SI countries:

Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Partner countries:


* not part of the 3Seas Initiative
Main objectives:
  • Increased capacity at the RO-HU border would create a corridor to transmit new sources to Hungary and to the broader CEE region.
Short description:

Due to the unsuccessful capacity auction of the ROHU second phase, the capacity, which will be available towards Hungary after the finalization of the Romanian section is only 1.75 bcm/y. It is the common strategic interest of Hungary and Romania that the second phase of ROHU, bringing its capacity to 4.4 bcm/y be completed, allowing the gas resources from the Romanian Black Sea to reach Hungary and Central-Europe.

Calendar of implementation:
To be determined
    To be determined
    Financing sources:
    To be determined